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Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club - Kenya
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Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club

Mount Kenya National Park

The Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club is built on the equator on a ridge facing Mount Kenya with a magnificent view. The grand main building gleams white against the green sweep of the surrounding lawns and there are dramatic views of the foothill forests rising to the peaks of Mount Kenya.

The original buidling was designed as a dream home by Rhoda Prudhomme for her husband Gabriel. As a wealthy New York matron of 50, Rhoda fell in love with the young French aviator who took her big game hunting on her safari in Kenya. She gave up all to marry and live with him in Njoro amoong the Happy Valley et of the 1930s. Thw land had been owned by a Mrs Wheeler who agreed to sell it to them as 'only lovers should live there'. The Prudhommes called the house Mawingo (meaning clouds). In 1948 the house became an inn when it was purchased by Abraham Block.

In 1959 film star William Holden visited and fell in love with it. He bought it and turned it into one of the most unusual clubs in the world. Sir Winston Churchhill was a founding member as were lord Louis Mountbatten Robert Ruark, US President Lydon Johnson, Conrad Hilton, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and more. The sense of history remaisn strong in the main building and the orignial 'William Holden Cotages'. The Trophy lounge features leather seats and hunitng trophies.

Mount Kenya straddles the equator, 175 km north-east of Nairobi (3-4 hour drive from Nairobi. Nanyuki airstrip, 13 kms from the Club (15 minute transfer). Altitude 2,135 metres (7,000 feet).

Kenya hotels and accommodation
Amongst the wide range of Kenya hotels, some make the ideal Kenya safari destination. Choose a safari lodge, safari hotel, bush camp, luxury lodge, safari camp, tented camp or bush lodge. National park accommodation usually takes the form of a traditional safari lodge or tented camp, but numerous other options exist on the park boundaries. Luxury lodges and luxury camp options are also offered in the private wildlife conservancies.

The Background

Mount Kenya National Park, Namesake of a nation
One of the world's highest National Parks, Mount Kenya is an extinct volcano some three and a half million years old. Straddling the equator, the mountain offers a unique mosaic of forest, moorland, rock and ice and is crowned by the glittering twin peaks of Batian (5,199 m) and Nelion (5,188 m). The sacred home of Ngai, God of the Kikuyu people, Mount Kenya is Kenya's highest mountain, a national icon, a climbers' Mecca, the nation's namesake, a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site, and a wildlife stronghold. Anyone in reasonable health can attempt the steep trek to Point Lenana (4, 985 M), which is the highest point for trekkers. Of the approximately 500 climbers who attempt to scale Nelion each year, around 200 make the summit. Around 50 experienced climbers achieve the summit of Batian annually. Words 136
Wildlife highlights: includes; giant forest hog, tree hyrax, white-tailed mongoose, elephant, black rhino, suni, black-fronted duiker, bongo, leopard, Mount Kenya mouse shrew, hyrax, duiker and the endemic mole-rat. Birds: 130 recorded species.

The accommodation covers a wide range of styles. The rooms and suites in the main building have a sense of elegance and history, while the cottages are tucked away down by the river and have massive stone fireplaces. All rooms have: room service, telephone and hairdryers.
Accommodation: 116 ensuite rooms
• Villas (10 rooms): 3 luxury villas: "Lenana" - 2 twin-bedded rooms, 1 double bedded room; "Batian" - 2 double-bedded rooms; "River House" with 1 twin-bedded suite with sitting room; 1 double-bedded suite; 1 twin-bedded room, Sendeo Villa 1 Double bedded room and 1 Twin.
• Cottages: 12 William Holden Cottages (24 rooms) each with 1 twin-bedded, 1 double-bedded rooms and sitting room in between; 13 Riverside Cottages (39 rooms): each with 1 suite and 2 studio suites (suite and studio suite interconnect). Of these, 26 are double-bedded studio suites, 5 double-bedded suites and 8 twin-bedded suites.
• Garden suites (8 rooms): 2 twin-bedded suites and 6 Double bedded Suites, All with a sitting room and fireplace.
• Club building (35 rooms): 22 standard twin-bedded rooms, 7 twin-bedded studio suites, 4 double-bedded suites, 2 twin bedded suites, 1 presidential suite double bedded.

Dining and bars
The club offers the main Kirinyaga Restaurant as well as a Garden Lounge (children's dining room), an Irish pub, the Mountain View Bar and Lounge and the ‘Trophy Lounge'. Buffet and a la carte menu selections are offered as well as international and local cuisine. The hotel maintains a tradition of upscale elegance. Jackets and ties are required for dinner, there is live music for dinner dancing and children must eat separately.

Conference and event facilities
The club has its own conference centre, which includes a board room and selection of conference rooms.
Incentive activities
• Anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and other parties celebrated
• Chukka dancers
• Complimentary welcome drinks
• Fruit, flowers, and cakes on request
• Kirinyaga band
• Bush banquet on the River Likii
• Champagne breakfast on the slopes of Mount Kenya
• Cocktails
• Riverside cocktails
• Riverside luncheon
"Out Of Africa" wedding breakfast by the river, Blessing by Chukka chief and Chukka drummers, Bridal bouquet and Club wedding cake, Charles Heinsich champagne, Local choir, Photographer and video cameraman, Pimms reception.

Children are not allowed in the main dining room but are provided with their own dining area. Children under 7 years of age not allowed in the public areas after 1830 hrs. Babysitters & 10 baby cots available

What to see and do
Animal orphanage, Bowling green, croquet, trout fishing, Maze, Putting green, Rose gardens, Nine hole golf course, heated swimming pool, horseback riding on trails, tennis, bowling green, table tennis, museum of African art, tribal dances, fashion boutique, curio and gift shps, club sounvenir shop, health and beauty treatments.

Other attractions
The club has its own petrol station. Access for disabled persons.

Excursions and activities
• Aberdare National Park (full day)
• Bird walks
• Samburu and Buffalo Springs National Game Reserves
• Mount Kenya Game Reserve with prior reservation.
• 3 hour guided scenic walk on the slopes of Mount Kenya.


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