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The Sands at Chale Island - Diani, Kenya

Diani- South Coast of Mombasa, Kenya

The Sands at Chale Island is an island accommodation. The Chale Island is a small romantic island situated about 600 meters from the mainland and 10 km south of Diani Beach, 50 km south of Mombasa and 70 km from the border of Tanzania. The term "Chale" refers to the name of an old warrior of the Digo tribe who is buried on the island. On certain days of the year his descendants still come to celebrate religious rituals.

Measuring 1.2 km long and 0.8 km wide with north-south orientation, Chale Island is divided into two parts: the hotel, main beach and immediate surrounds and the forest and wildlife (reserve). Wildlife abounds in abundance throughout the island, troops of monkeys and baboons, bush baby crying in the night, many species of birdlife, small antelope, butterflies, to name a few ...

In addition the island is host to the natural phenomenon of inland mangrove lakes subjected to the natural changes of the tides. Facilities: Main restaurant , a la carte Restaurant, Spa-Center, Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Fitness Center, Internet Cafe, Boutique

Kenya coast
Kenya's south coast, one of her most popular beach holiday destinations, offers clear blue sea, marine parks, excellent water sports, coral reefs, monsoon winds, numerous hotels and beach resorts, family vacations, sun n sand, cultural and beach travel and more. Close to Mombasa, it is also within easy reach of Malindi, Lamu, Diani and many other popular Kenya safari resort hotels.

Location and seasons
Chale Island, a small island set in coral gardens is 50km south of Mombasa, 10km south of Diani Beach on the Kenyan Coast, just 600m off shore. Diani beach is 25 miles south of Mombasa. Kenya's stunning coastline (485 kms from Nairobi) runs 700 km between the Tanzanian and Somali borders and is renowned for its silken white sandy beaches, coconut palms, sheltered lagoons, pellucid blue waters, remote islands, uncharted mangrove swamps and mysterious Arab and Swahili ruins, many of which date back to the 8th Century AD. An idyllic climate cooled by the monsoon, the Swahili coast offers a daily average of 8 hours of sunshine, and the hot steamy climate is tempered by the monsoon winds: the south-easterly Kusi, which blows from April to October; and the north-easterly Kaskazi which blows from November to March.

The background
Kenya's pristine and well-developed coral reef extends virtually without break from Shimoni in the south to Malindi in the north, some 230 Km in total. The reef is broken only in a few places by river mouths and creeks; and of these the deepest and most sheltered safe channels through the reef are those that lie on either side of Mombasa Island.

The Sands at Chale opened on 1st December 2006 and offers 7 categories of rooms to cater to the individual preferences and needs of the guests. There are a total of 50 rooms, bandas and suites comprising:
• 16 Tower Rooms in the two tower buildings,
• 2 Penthouses on top of the two tower buildings,
• 9 Standard Bandas,
• 14 Superior Bandas,
• 6 Chale Bandas,
• 1 Water Bungalow Junior Suite,
• 1 Waterbungalow Suite,
• 1 Honeymoon Suite.

Dining and bars
The resort offers an open-air restaurant in the centre of the island where seafood is a speciality. Fresh pastas, salads and international cuisine also offered.

Family Friendly - children over the age of 10 years are welcome.

What to see and do
The activities on offer include swimming, snorkelling, sea kayaking, diving, water sports, dhow trips, glass-bottom boat trips, nature trails, butterfly farms, places of historic interest, visits to the nearby Shimba Hills (a coastal national park with plentiful elephant) or to the world-famous Arabuko Sokoke Forest, one of the last of the rainforests.

Other attractions
Diani Beach itself offers just about everything the visitor could wish for: restaurants, shops, golf course and night spots plus; the Colobus Trust, an area of indigenous forest that provides a sanctuary for the areas many colobus monkeys and the Kaya Kinondo, a cultural centre built around a sacred Kaya (grove) of the Digo people.

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