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Mfangano Island Camp - Lake Victoria, Kenya

Mfangano Island Camp is one of the latest additions to the Governors' family of camps and is situated on the unspoilt island of Mfangano in Lake Victoria, Western Kenya. The camp is located on its own secluded bay, which lies on the western shores of the island. Built in traditional Luo style using clay and thatch, all the buildings enjoy stunning views of the lake.

Surrounded by charming gardens, alive with of indigenous plants and flowers, the camp offers a glimpse into way of lakeside life that has not changed for centuries. In the early morning, fleets of multi-coloured fishing boats sail gracefully past the bay and in the evening there are spectacular sunsets as the sun dips below the unbroken lake horizon. The lake offers excellent fishing, magnificent birdlife and families of otters.

Location and climate
The island lies in Lake Victoria and is reached by boat from Mbita Point - it is a 90minute crossing. The island has a private airstrip, which is 40 minutes from the Masai Mara and 2 hours from Nairobi (the camp is 10 minute boat ride from the airstrip).

The Background
Western Kenya, land of diversity
Western Kenya has it all. To the far west lie the mighty inland waters of Lake Victoria , the world's second largest freshwater lake after Canada's Lake Superior, and the regional capital of Kisumu .

Kisumu is Kenya's third largest city and provides a natural base for touring the region. Local attractions include: Kisumu Museum (open 8.30am-6.00pm daily), The Kisumu Impala Sanctuary (open 6.00am -7.00pm daily) and Ndere Island National Park (accessible by boat, open 6.00am - 7.00pm daily).

South-west of Kisumu, lying in the waters of Lake Victoria, are the islands of Rusinga (where Mary Leakey discovered the skull of Proconsul Africanus , a primitive anthropoid ape that lived on Rusinga three million years ago) and Mfangano (a centre of pre-history famous for its rock art).

A short distance to the north of Kisumu is the famous Kakamega Forest Reserve , a unique patch of lowland rainforest renowned for its abundant wildlife.

And travelling further north, but still within easy reach, are the contrasting wildernesses of the vast and rugged Mount Elgon National Park on the Ugandan border, famous for its bat-filled caves and salt-mining elephants, and Kenya's smallest National Park, Saiwa Swamp , the sanctuary of the semi-aquatic sitatunga antelope.

Lake Victoria
Few inland waters measure up to Lake Victoria, which has a surface area of 68,800 sq km, of which Kenya claims only 3,785 sq km. The lake is also bordered by Uganda and Tanzania. Unlike the lakes further west, Lake Victoria is not part of the Rift Valley system and is wide and shallow, being only 80 meters deep. The world's second largest freshwater lake (after Canada's Lake Superior), Lake Victoria is fed mainly by rainwater and drains more than 6,450 km to the north, via the Nile, to the Mediterranean Sea. First settled by the Luo peoples some five centuries ago, Lake Victoria was ‘discovered' as a potential source of the Nile by the English explorer John Hanning Speke in 1858.

Accommodation is presented in traditionally built Luo rondavels (circular cottages). Each ensuite room is attractively furnished and enjoys magnificent views of the lake. There are two double rondavels and four twin rondavels.

Dining and bars
The camp offers a central dining room, lounge, gift shop and bar.

The camp welcomes children.

What to see and do
Fishing - by boat for Nile perch or by rod for tilapia (all boats are fully equipped).
Nature walks with resident guide.
Bird watching walks or boat rides.

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