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Loisaba Wilderness - Laikipia, Kenya

Northern Laikipia - Kenya

Loisaba Lodge - Loisaba House - Loisaba Cottage... Luxury Under the Kenyan Sky!

Loisaba Wilderness, consisting of the Loisaba Lodge, Loisaba House and Loisaba Cottage, stands at the centre of a 61,000 acre wilderness, which was originally owned by the late Count Carletto Ancilotto, who fell in love with it after visiting Kenya on safari in the early 1960s. The Wilderness accommodation, which was the Count's home, was built in the 1970s and, while considerably renovated, it remains very much as he planned it. Not only did the Count love the Loisaba wilderness, but it was also his aim to preserve it for future generations. Thus, he ran it as a cattle ranching operation, rearing the superb Boran cattle of Kenya, 1,700 of which still roam the plains today.

The Lodge stands high on the edge of a plateau with long views south towards the glittering spires of Mount Kenya. It was constructed from local stone, cedar and palm thatch; and features seven rooms each with cantilevered decks soaring off the edge of the natural escarpment. A thousand feet below, verdant water-hole acts as a potent draw for the abundant wildlife with which this unique wilderness teems.

The Lodge has been simply presented in the traditional style, much of the furniture having been crafted in the ranch's own workshops using acacia wood, which has been felled for us by the several hundred elephant, who also call Loisaba home.

Remote, romantic and evocative, the Lodge was chosen by Prince Bernhard and Princess Juliana of the Netherlands as the ideal place in which to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.

Kenya hotels and accommodation
Amongst the wide range of Kenya hotels, some make the ideal Kenya safari destination. Choose a safari lodge, safari hotel, bush camp, luxury lodge, safari camp, tented camp or bush lodge. National park accommodation usually takes the form of a traditional safari lodge or tented camp, but numerous other options exist on the park boundaries. Luxury lodges and luxury camp options are also offered in the private wildlife conservancies.

The Loisaba Wilderness (150 sq km) is a privately managed, wildlife conservancy situated on the edge of the Laikipia Plateau, approximately 100 kms north of Mount Kenya. In size, the wilderness equates to that of the world-renowned Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania; and, as such, is larger than many of Kenya's national parks.

Accommodation at Loisaba Wilderness is luxurious and authentically African offering stays at Loisaba Lodge, Loisaba House and Loisaba Cottage.

Loisaba Lodge
Each of the seven rooms has been individually designed so as to provide optimum panoramas from the timbered deck, where a double day bed is also provided.

Room service: the staff are on hand to provide whatsoever you may desire - just let them know.
Drinking water: is provided in your room and all ice and hot drinks are made with purified water.
Laundry: Please place your laundry in the laundry basket in the room. All our washing is done by hand and dried in the fresh air - so while we will try our utmost to return it within 24 hours, weather conditions may result in this being impossible. Should you wish to wash your own underwear, washing power is provided by the basin.
Shoe shine: please place any shoes or boots that require polishing outside your room; preferably before 6pm.
Hot water: we draw our water from a range of natural springs (it is very soft and requires less soap than usual). It is heated with sustainable wildwood (much of it felled by elephants) in the morning and the evening. Should you wish to have hot water at any other time, please let us know (allow 45 mins).
Note: hot water may take some time to come through to your room, please let the taps ‘run' for up to 5 minutes; this is due to the fact that the natural boilers are located far distant from the rooms.
Electricity: is generator provided (220/240 volts). In the interests of conservation, our generator runs from 09.00 to 13.00 hrs and from 18.30 - 20.30 hrs. At other times power is supplied by inverters. A designated ‘generator socket' is supplied in your bathroom; we regret, however, that generator power is insufficient to power a hair-dryer (should you require your hairdryer prior to 9am, please let us know in order that alternative arrangements can be made). Camera batteries can be charged at any time.
Lighting: We suggest that you turn off your lights when leaving your room at night; not only does this minimize the incidence of moths and other flying interests, but it also conserves electricity in this wilderness area.
A flashlight is provided: we suggest you carry it with you at night. The paths, however, are well-lit.
Mini bar: A mini bar is available in your room and can be stocked with whatsoever you desire, please let us know what you would like.
Telephone: there are certain places at Loisaba where cell phone reception is good - in others it is not. Please ask a member of staff to advise you.
Local and international calls: can be made from the Lodge's office (at an additional charge).
Computer: a computer is located within the lounge - usage is free. A wireless connection is also available for use with laptops.

Loisaba House
A magnificent mansion built on the very edge of the escarpment, Loisaba House has been built using entirely local materials; and the architecture, furnishings and facilities of the house are absolutely breathtaking. The house sleeps four people and has staff, a dedicated vehicle, and a private, cliff-top swimming pool. Guests are also welcome to use all the facilities of the Lodge.

Loisaba Cottage
A picturesque cottage, just half and hour's drive from the main Lodge, this charming cottage sleeps four people and has staff, a dedicated vehicle, and private swimming pool.

The ‘Star Bed' Experience
Loisaba is world-renowned for having originated the unique experience of spending a night beneath the star canopy on a ‘Star Bed'. Star Beds are charismatic, hand built double beds, cloaked in mosquito netting, and raised on wooden platforms, which are located either overlooking the Kiboko Dam or beside the Ewaso N'giro River.
Note: if you have not booked a Star Bed, we may be able to arrange this for you at no extra cost - providing that the beds are not already pre-booked.

The Star Bed Experience
Getting there
There are many ways in which the Star Bed experience can be tailored. Guests can, for instance arrive: on foot (having experienced a walking safari through the bush, led by our professional safari guides. They can also arrive on horse-back, by camel, by mountain bike or by quad bike.

Arrival at the Star Beds
Arrival at the Star Beds - at whatever time suits you; followed by ‘Sundowners' (in camp or in the bush, your choice), supper (cooked and served by your team of Samburu warriors), drinks by the campfire.

And so to bed...
Right on the equator with no light pollution whatsoever, the Loisaba (Loisaba means ‘Galaxy') star canopy is glorious indeed. The Star Bed is very comfortable (crisp linen, warm quilt, additional blankets, thick mosquito netting, hurricane lamps in WC and shower) and provided with torch and star maps. The shower and WC (flush) have hot water and towels and soap are provided. Early morning tea will be served by your warriors at a time to suit you.

The Star Bed Community Project
The Star Bed Community Programme is a partnership forged with the local community, which allows them not only to benefit from the revenue derived from the Star Beds, but also to contribute towards the conservation effort and to learn such skills as; driving, cooking, waiting, housekeeping and mechanics.
Additional activities (not included in the cost of your stay)

Dining and bars
We pride ourselves on the quality of our cuisine. All our dishes are home-cooked and many of our salad items, fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables are grown in our own kitchen garden, using only organic methods. In the event that you have particular dietary choices or requirements, please let us know so that we can plan our menus to suit you. Soft drinks, juices, wines, beers, and spirits are provided as part of your stay at the Lodge. Please advise your room attendant as to any requirement. Fruit and snacks are also provided in your room, and in the Pool Bar.

Children: we would appreciate it if you would supervise children at all times around the lodge. Not only for their own safety (with respect to the pool and the unprotected balconies), but also in the interests of preserving the peace and tranquillity of your fellow guests.
Babysitting: babysitters can be provided. Please let us know your requirements.
Children's meals: children's meals can be provided early evening should this be required. Please let us know.
Child-friendly pursuits: the wilderness abounds in child-friendly pursuits, ranging from camel riding to visiting our habituated ‘orphan' animals. We can also organize ‘child-friendly safaris', which take in visits to our beading workshops (where the children can make their own key rings), and our woodworking workshops (where they can make a traditional bow and arrow); as well as featuring some lion-tracking, and traditional bush skills. Alternatively, we can arrange visits to the local schools, or to the local village. Please consult your guide as to which pursuits would be best suited to your children.

Weddings and honeymoons at Loisaba
Loisaba makes the ideal honeymoon location, and we will be delighted to tailor a uniquely romantic and evocative safari especially for you. Highlights could include, ‘sundowners overlooking Kiboko dam' followed by a bush dinner a deux; followed by night beneath the stars on a ‘Star Bed', a champagne breakfast, a camel safari, horse-riding at dawn or, perhaps, a balloon ride.
The Lodge (and House and Cottage) can also be hired for a wedding, which can be tailored exactly to your needs. Should you wish it, we can also arrange for a guard of honour of Maasai warriors, a Maasai ‘Blessing', and Maasai celebratory dancing and singing.

Wildlife highlights
The Loisaba Wilderness provides a much-needed haven for 250 species of birds and 50 species of mammal, amongst which, elephant, buffalo, Grevy's zebra and greater kudu abound. It also promises sightings of those species that are only found in the north of Kenya, such as gerenuk. The wilderness is also rapidly gaining a reputation for big cats (a lion-tracking project has been instigated on the ranch); and the elusive wild dog, thought for many years to be extinct, is once again to be seen loping across Loisaba's plains.

What to see and do
Your guides
Each of our guests has a personal ‘guide' who remains with them during their stay. All our guides are local Kenyans, and we hope that you will find that their breadth of knowledge; and commitment to ensuring your comfort and enjoyment is unrivalled. Please feel free to discuss your activity schedule with your guides, who will be pleased to offer advice as to optimum timings and scheduling. All our guides speak English, though this is not their first language. We therefore request that you make due allowance for their command of language; and for their occasionally exuberant sense of humour.
We are committed to ensuring that your stay at Loisaba is as action-packed, or as peaceful as you desire. We can ensure that you experience as many of our activities as is possible during your stay; or, we can leave you in utter peace. The choice is yours; as is the timing of the activities you choose. Your guides and your hosts are on hand to offer advice and scheduling information. A ‘Safari Schedule' is also provided so as to assist you in planning your safari.

Choose from:
• Wilderness walks
• Guided bird walks
• The ‘Game Drive' experience
• Lion and hyena tracking
• The ‘Sundowner Experience'
• Horse riding
• Camel riding
• Mountain bike riding
• The river rafting safari
• Traditional cattle rounds
• Fishing
• Tennis
• Bocce ball and croquet
• Village visits
• Shop
• Loisaba ‘Quads for Classrooms'
• See the wilderness by helicopter
• Balloon safaris

The Loisaba Spa
A small spa facility is provided within the grounds. It is manned by professionally trained beauticians and offers a broad range of treatments as listed below. The spa has been constructed in the traditional manner and features an open-air Jacuzzi.


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