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Queen Elizabeth National Park

The treasure of Uganda

Much of Queen Elizabeth National Park - QE as it is universally known, lies between Lakes Edward and George, which are connected by the broad Kazinga Channel. The park offers a wide variety of habitats including savanna, woodland, volcanic craters, rivers and lakes.

The park is also home to 95 species of mammals including large numbers of elephant, buffalo, hippo and Uganda kob. There is also a healthy lion population (including the famous tree-climbing lion of the Northern Circuit) and a more than average chance of spotting a leopard.  The park also hosts a chimpanzee community in the Kyambura Gorge.

Wildlife highlights : waterbuck, buffalo, leopard, spotted hyena, genet, forest hog, elephant, lion, Uganda kob, reedbuck, bushbuck, chimpanzee, monkey and mongoose.

Birds : 550 (including 53 raptors) species have been recorded including flamingos and Abdim’s, shoe-billed and woolly-necked storks.


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