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Fly high, fly free in East Africa
The classic East African sunset
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General information on East Africa
We have compiled a broad range of general travel information on East Africa, which we hope will help you to plan your trip. For ease, we have divided the information into categories, which are listed to the left of this screen. Simply click on the area of your interest.

Specific information on East African destinations
If you require specific information on Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda - simple choose the main heading DESTINATIONS and you should immediately find what you are looking for. If not - just email us or give us a call - we'll be happy to help.

Information includes:

Facts about East Africa

Health and safety in East Africa

Travel documentation for East Africa

Luggage allowances for East Africa

The safari code and wildlife watching wisdom

Travelling with children in East Africa

Specialist group travel in East Africa

East African wildlife

A Travel Guide to Planning Your East African Safari Holiday

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