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Our Holiday & Vacation Packages

East African safari and travel options are indeed varied and offer an array of safari and indian ocean beach holidays, vacation packages, tours and travel deals.

We offer a wide range of East African holiday & vacation packages, which for ease we have divided into a number of different holiday categories, as displayed to the left of this screen. Full information is provided on each vacation category, but a brief description of each is offered below:

Road safaris
A road safari, as its name suggests, is covered entirely by road and usually begins and ends in the same holiday destination. Accommodation can be provided in city hotels, safari lodges or luxury tented camps or Indian Ocean beach resorts.

Flying safaris
A flying safari travels entirely by air. Guests are met upon arrival at each airstrip and transported to their safari accommodation, which may feature city hotels, safari lodges or luxury tented camps.

Flying and road safari packages
Flying and road safari packages typically combine both road and air transport. Part of the safari vacation is taken by road and the other bit by flying.

Family holidays
We offer a range of vacations and holidays that are particularly suited for families - either in the bush or on the beach - or, a combination of both. This kind of vacation holiday will normally cater for both adults and children offering a delightful time and activitied for the entire family.

Mountain climbing
East Africa is home to two of the continents most famous mountains; Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, and Mount Kenya, the second highest mountain. Other ranges include the Aberdares (Kenya), Mount Elgon (Kenya), the Cherangani Hills (Kenya), the Rwenzori Mountains of the Rwenzori National Park (Uganda), the Usambara Mountains (Tanzania) and Mount Meru (Tanzania). With an array of choice heights to scale, mountain climbing in East Africa an elating experience. We offer a wide range of fully-guided and serviced mountain climbing packages for climbers of all proficiencies.

Gorilla trekking safaris
Of the few thousand Mountain Gorillas that remain on earth, over half of them live in Uganda: five troops in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (331 sq km); and one troop in Mghinga National Park (33 sq km). We are experts in arranged trips to see the gorillas. Uganda is an excellent gorilla trekking safari destination, offering an exhilarating experience.

Horse riding safaris
A horse riding safari allows guests to ride between differing destinations, in some cases offering an up-close game viewing opportunity on horse-back while enjoying the freedom of the African wilderness. Usually a horse riding safari can be arranged in private game conservancies or national wildlife reserves.

Camel trekking safaris
One of the finest ways of experiencing the East African landscape is by camel trekking. Ideally suited to the landscape, these Somali camels are typically led either by their Somali owners, or by the local tribes people. Typically, a camel trek will take visitors between two different lodges or private reserves, and privately tailored camel trekking safari can be arranged to cover a specific region.

Walking safaris and running safaris
Whether you want to walk the high moors of Mount Kenya, the painted deserts of Samburu, or the famed ‘Mountains of the Moon' in Uganda - we can arrange a walking safari. Walks can either be arranged for a few hours... or a few days.

As for running, Kenya is the land of the most famous runners in the world and the venue for some famous marathons, such as the Lewa Marathon, which allows you to run through a pristine wilderness alive with wildlife. Kenya is also home to a famous running school, in the Kenyan runner's capital, Iten, where you can train for the world marathons alongside Kenya's gold medal winners.

Golfing safaris
We can offer either dedicated golfing safaris, which devote the bulk of the leisure time available to playing golf or holidays that allow access to a golf course whenever our clients may desire it.

Spa breaks
East Africa offers a wide range of spa facilities and spa vacation options, some dedicated spas, some small spa facilities within a large hotel. The treatments offered vary, but typically include; massage, facials, manicure, pedicure, reflexology and aromatherapy.

Beach vacations
We offer an assortment of Indian Ocean beach holidays and vacation resorts in Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar. Choices range from 5-star hotels to simple island hideaways.

Travel for the physically challenged
We appreciate that some of our East African guests may not be as physically robust as others. With this in mind, we offer an entire portfolio of travel options that have been specifically designed so as to offer: ease of access, specially-adapted vehicles, and rooms that have been professionally adapted to meet the needs of the physically challenged.

Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions
We offer an unrivalled selection of world-class city hotel venues, with full conference and business facilities. If the city is not your ideal business meeting place, numerous safari lodges avd tented camps offer excellent alternative meeting and conference venues and facilities in the tranquility of the African wilderness.

Weddings and honeymoons
East Africa offers the ideal wedding and honeymoon venue. We can arrange ceremonies, receptions, honeymoon safaris and vacations and more.

Ornithological safaris
East Africa is the birding capital of the world. Kenya alone boasts 1,137 bird species and has the second-highest country bird-species-count (after the Congo) in Africa; and the fourth highest in the world. East Africa is also home to the world-famous Rift Valley lakes, where over two billion greater and lesser flamingoes frost the shores coral pink. This makes East African birdwatching safaris exceptional and crowns East Africa as an excellent birdwatching destination.

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