Keys Hotel - Uru, Near Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Once championed as the discerning wilderness route for climbers, Mount Kilimanjaro’s Machame climbing route is gaining on Marangu in terms of popularity. It’s also the second-most accessible trailhead of the non-steep routes making it attractive to clients. Its reputation as one of the most scenic routes is entirely justified, with the sweeping views across the Masai Steppe to Meru and the impressive Barranco Valley praised by all who climb it.

8 days
7 nights

Reputed to be the easiest of the available routes, this is without doubt the most comfortable in terms of facilities and the most convenient in terms of access. Also known as the "Coca Cola Route" because of its practicality, Mount Kilimanjaro's Marangu Route is by far the most popular route for many climbers. This popularity has led to some operators preferring to avoid it, however, because of lower porter-age costs, it remains popular with budget travelers.

7 days
6 nights

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