Mind & Body Spa Holidays

In a world of shrinking time, information deluge, stress impact and escalating pressure, the need for inner peace is critical; more so because in the Millennium world outward appearance is increasingly valued above inner strength. And yet, ‘beauty comes from within', so how you feel about yourself, inside and out, can make the difference between serenity and struggle; calm and confusion.

East Africa offers a wide range of spa holidays and facilities, some dedicated spas, some small spa facilities within a large hotel. The treatments offered vary, but typically include; massage, facials, manicure, pedicure, reflexology and aromatherapy.

The Spa, a very ancient concept
The generic term ‘Spa' or ‘watering place' derives from the Belgian town of Spa, whose natural mineral springs were first transformed into an oasis of relaxation by the Romans. Channeling the ‘healing waters' into baths, surrounding them with opulent relaxation areas, libraries and gymnasiums, they created the world's first aquatic healing centre where people might meet, commune, and renew.

In ancient Islamic culture, bathing also came to be valued for its spiritual worth; and magnificent bathhouses were created out of white marble, vibrant mosaic and mirrored water. Finally, in 18th century Europe, the great ‘spas' of Vichy, Baden-Baden, and Bath rose to feature as the social centres of their day.


An East African Spa Holiday can be included in your safari, holiday, tour packages or even in your business travel schedule, offering total relaxation

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