East African historical & cultural sites

East Africa offers a wide range of sites of historical and cultural interest, as listed below.

Kenya's World Heritage Sites

Fort Jesus (16th century Portuguese fort), Gedi Ruins (13th century Swahili town), Koobi Fora (3 million-year-old palaeontological site), Lamu (16th century Swahili port), (Mount Kenya (Kenya's highest mountain), Hells Gate National Park (geothermal area) and the Maasai Mara National Reserve (scene of the annual migration of the wildebeest).

Kenya's Historical Sites

Kenya has over 400 historical sites ranging from prehistoric fossils and petrified forests, to 14th century slave trading settlements, Islamic ruins and 16th century Portuguese Forts.

Sites of historical interest in Tanzania

Olduvai Gorge, The National Museum of Dar es Salaam, The Catholic Mission and prison of Bagamoyo, Ujijii Cultural Centre, Sukuma Museum, Mwanza, The Amboni Caves and Hot Springs, the Tongoni Ruins, the National Museum of Zanzibar (also the Kidichi Persian Baths, the House of Wonders, the Arab Fort, Livingstone's House, Mangapwani Slaves Caves, the Maruhubi Palace, the Old Slave Market and the People's Palace).

Sites of historical interest in Uganda

The Uganda National Museum, Kampala; Bigo Bya Mugenyi, Kabaka Mwanga's Lake, The Kakoro Rock Paintings, Kamukazi, The Kasubi Tombs, Masaka Hill, The Mparo Tombs, Mubende Hill, The Munsa Earthworks, The Namugongo Shrine, The Nkokonjeru Tomb, Ntusi, Numagabwe Cave, The Nyero Rock Paintings.

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