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safari minibus van
Safari Minibus Van
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Land Cruiser 4x4
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Adopted for the rugged terrain
Airport Transfer Bus Nairobi
Airport Transfer Bus
safari cruiser 4x4
Safari Patrol 4x4
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Spared and well prepared

At African Horizons we proudly own and operate our own fleet of over 30 custom-designed safari vehicles. Our vehicle types consist of:

• Minibuses / Safari Vans
• Safari Land Cruisers (4x4)
• Safari Patrols (4x4)
• Transfer Bus

Minibuses, Cruisers and Patrols:

Each specially adapted to meet the demands of the rugged African terrain, our safari vehicles are all fitted with:

• GPS tracking
• HF or VHF Radio Connection
• Pop-up Roof
• First Aid Kit
• Cooler Box
• Fire Extinguisher
• Tool Kit and spare tyres
• Sliding windows
• 6 passenger window seats guaranteeing an unrestricted panoramic view
• 12V cigarette lighters (ideal for charging batteries)

In addition to these, our 4x4 safari Patrols are each fitted with a mini-fridge and inverters (to charge the batteries of mobile phones, laptops and cameras).

Built with safety and comfort in mind, each safari vehicle is designed to seat a max of 7 passengers but for optimum safari enjoyment we encourage a max of only 6 passengers, guaranteeing each guest a window seat.

Each safari vehicle offers comfortable seats with seat belts and canvas covers fitted with pockets for water bottles and other handy items.

Well maintained, each vehicle is routinely subjected to an overhaul service after every safari and checked again before the next safari by our very own team of competent mechanics and workshop staff who are on standby round the clock.


Transfer Bus:

For larger group transfers and transport services, we have our 22-seater fully air conditioned transfer bus.


 *Whilst we endeavour to ensure that all our vehicles offer 12V connections and HF radio connections, the high-impact of the rugged African terraincan occasionally cause these delicate mechanisms to go temporarily out of service. We do our utmost to ensure against this, but beg your understanding for the few times in which such temporary faults may occur.


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