Indian Ocean Beach Resorts

'Some way out on the still, black water, fishermen paddled their dug-outs to shore, the dull-red sun slipping quickly and cleanly beneath the horizon and painting  long-reflecting brushstrokes of gold across the surface of the lake. It was a scene as old as time, and was surely the closest one could hope to get to the serene uncorrupted soul of the world.' Black Moon, Jade Sea Ian Meredith Hughes


The Indian Ocean coastline of East Africa is one of the most beautiful in the world. Silver sands, year-round clear-blue waters and tropical palms.

Known as the Swahili Coastline, thanks to the unique mix of African, Arabic and Portuguese people who typify it, it also offers; a wide range of ancient cultural sites; mosques and ancient Swahili towns; a vibrantly colourful cuisine; a wide range of marine parks backed by coastal parks and the last remains of the African equatorial rain-forests; endless water-sports, child-friendly pursuits and nightly entertainments for all tastes; and one of the world’s most famous barrier reefs.

As for the accommodation, thanks to its long-established tourism infrastructure, the choices range from 5-star resorts and world-class spas, to simple palm-thatched chalets on the beach.

We work with only the very best hotels and resorts in this sector, all of which are listed below.

Should you wish to specify particular interests, such as; diving, family-friendly options or ‘Mind and Body’, our website allows you to tailor your choice exactly to your desires.The East African Indian Ocean beach hotels & resorts cuts across the entire Kenya Coast through Mombasa Island, reaching further south to Tanzania, highlighting at Dar es Salaam and including the Zanzibar archipelago.

The Kenya coast hotels and resorts spread across three sections:
The Northern Coast, encompassing:
North Coast of Mombasa

The Southern Coast, region south of Mombasa runs all the way to Shimoni and beyond. South Coast hotel and resorts dot Diani and Ukunda.