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Private home stays
Usually located on private reserves or game conservancies, private home stay accommodation is typically presented against a background of beautiful colonial-style farms or mansions set in glorious grounds. Catering is usually of the highest standards, and uniquely ‘home-made’, while your ‘hosts’ will welcome you very much as a member of the family.
Private ‘Fly’ Camps
Some of our adventure travel choices feature private tented camps, which are pitched in specific locations within the national parks and reserves. Tailor-made to our client’s specifications, they feature luxury tents, ‘safari’ kitchens, beautifully-presented central ‘mess tents’, and central campfire and ‘sun downer’ areas. Bathroom facilities vary from camp to camp (see the specific information offered on your itinerary).
A limited number of lodges are offered (many of them located on private community ranches), which have been designed and built by the local community using ecologically friendly materials, traditional art and décor, and sustainable energy. Many specialize in unique diversions such as camel treks, visits to cultural villages or authentic dance performances; and all proceeds are shared with the local community and/or devoted towards the preservation of the wildlife and environment.
Other great East African travel accommodation comes in form of uniquely placed or special purpose stays, houses, hotels, safari lodges and tented camps which can be experienced on a Kenya safari, Tanzania safari, gorilla trekking on Uganda travel or while on Zanzibar travel.

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