The National Parks and Reserves of Uganda
The national parks of Uganda (11, 023 sq km) have been set aside as wildlife and botanical sanctuaries. There are 10 national parks and a number of game reserves. The main national parks are; Bwindi Impenetrable, Kibale, Kidepo Valley, Lake Mburo, Mgahinga Gorilla, Mount Elgon, Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, Ruwenzori, and Semuliki.

The vegetation of Uganda can be divided into; forest, moist savannah, dry savannah, semi-desert, aquatic vegetation, afro-alpine moorland and grassland.

The East African plains support some of the last great herds of wildlife left in the world, offering a greater number and diversity of species than any other continent: Uganda offers 50 large mammal species all members of the ‘Big Five' (elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and rhinoceros) and she is particularly famous for her primates - especially the mountain gorillas (western lowland, eastern lowland and mountain). There are also 300 species of butterfly.

Uganda offers over 1000 avian species including many migratory species from Europe and Asia.

Mostly plateau, with a rim of mountains. The lowest point is Lake Albert (621 m) and the highest point: Margherita Peak on Mount Stanley (5,110 m).

As its name suggests, Bwindi is famed for its dense forests, which provide the ideal cover for its equally famous residents, the endangered mount

One of the last remaining areas of rainforest in Africa, Kibale offers dense forest with 250 tree species, grasslands, swamps and a scenic field of volcanic craters. Standing

The seldom-visited wilderness is the only park in Uganda to offer sanctuary to the country’s cheetah population. Some 1,334 square kilometr

Dominated by Lake Mburo, this park features rolling grassland, extensive acacia woodlands and a vast swamp, which is fed by the Ruizi River and l

24 million-year-old Mount Elgon is a dormant volcano, crowned by a vast crater some 8 km wide, honeycombed by labyrinthine caves, fissured by val

Uganda’s largest national parks, Murchison Falls National Park is dominated by the mighty River Nile, which bisects the park via a seven-me

Much of Queen Elizabeth National Park - QE as it is universally known, lies between Lakes Edward and George, which are connected by the broad Kaz

The Rwenzori Mountains is an afro-alpine realm of luxuriant forests which feature the most extensive stands of alpine ‘big game’ pla

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