Nairobi - Mombasa - Kisumu

A guide to Kenya cities & towns
Kenya has three main cities and numerous towns. Laced with hotels & attractions, the cities easily interconnect the rest of the country and are an important part of any Kenya safari or travel experience.

Nairobi City, almost squarely seated at the centre of the country, is Kenya's capital and largest city; Mombasa, the all important Island City and the second largest of the three cities enjoys a setting at the Indian Ocean coast.; Kisumu City, located in the western region of the country, on the shores of Lake Victoria, is the third, smallest and youngest of Kenya's cities.


Nairobi - Mombasa - Kisumu | Kenya Safari Cities Travel Guide

Kisumu is the third largest city in Kenya, the principal city of western Kenya, the capital of Nyanza Province and the headquarters of  Kisumu District. It is also the s

Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya, lying on the Indian Ocean. It has a major port and an international airport. The city is the centre of the coastal tourism indust

Nairobi, the 'Green City in the Sun', is Kenya's capital and largest city. Its name taken from the Maasai word Nyrobi meaning place of cool waters, Nairobi is aptly

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