A guide to Tanzania cities & towns
Tanzania's numerous cities and towns are as unique as they are diverse. The cities, each playing a vital role in the country's economy.

Dar es Salaam, the former capital is Tanzania's economic and commercial hub; having lost its status of capital city to Dodoma which is now the country's administrative and political centre. Arusha, a fast growing town, is endowed with natural beauty and is Tanzania's safari headquarters - itself boasting a wildlife park and game sanctuaries. Other important cities and towns include: Zanzibar, Moshi, Bagamoyo, Mwanza, Tanga, etc.

Gate way to the Safari Circuit of Tanzania : One of Tanzania’s most developed and fastest growing towns, the bus

Dar es Salaam (Arabic: دار السلام‎ [translation: "house of Peace"] Dār as-Salām), formerly Mzizima, is the

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